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Bamboo Constructions.

Bamboo is one of the oldest and most versatile building materials with many applications in the field of construction, It is strong and lightweight and can often be used without processing or finishing.

Bamboo as a building material has high compressive strength and low weight has been one of the most used building material as support for concrete.

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Bamboo is much more than a fantastic building material, our passion for this wonderful plant arose primarily due to the positive impact on people and the environment. Planting bamboo helps to prevent global warming, and our trade helps to alleviate poverty in developing countries. With each purchase you help directly and indirectly to a better, more social and healthier world!

Strong and Durable

Higher tensile strength than certain steel alloys and higher compressive strength than some concrete mixtures.


In addition to being a versatile building material, also a base material for wood, paper, food and textile industries.

Fast Growing

The fastest growing bamboo grows up to 91 cm per day. Giant bamboos grow 30 m high in just 6 months.


Bamboo is a grass and continues to grow indefinitely. Every year 30% of a plantation can be harvested selectively.


Warm and exotic in the round shape and with a luxurious hardwood appearance in the pressed version.

Environmentally friendly

1 hectare of bamboo forest converts around 35% more CO2 into oxygen than a hectare of regular trees.

Carbon Sink

Captures huge amounts of carbon. Up to 600 tons per hectare (over a 30-year period).

Wildlife Protection

Bamboo forests offer a home for animals that are in danger of losing their habitat due to deforestation.

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